Pecan Plantation Burn Permits after BURN BAN is lifted

Pecan Plantation Burn Permits

As of April 18,2016, Pecan Plantation Volunteer Fire Department will no longer issue Burn Permits. You will no longer have to physically come down to the Fire Station to get a permit between certain hours. Before having any Controlled Burns or Open Fires you should contact the Hood County Fire Marshal’s office either by phone (817-579-3335) or on the Hood County web page, From there you link to the “Fire Marshal” Department and click on ” Controlled Burning”. You can then complete the online burn notification form.

Their web page will have the latest information regarding status of Burn Bans, Burn Notifications, and all Rules and Regulations you will have to abide by. The Hood County Fire Marshal’s Office will continue to be the governing body for “Open Fires” in all of Hood County as it has been in the past and you are still legally responsible to conform with the Laws. Nothing has changed in regards to what times or what can or cannot be burned, only how and who you contact.

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