PPEMS Columns Article for February 2022

Hello Everyone,

Pecan EMS responded to 88 requests for service in December, 2021, and 18 requests as of the 9th of January, 2022.

The Christmas and New Year’s holidays have passed, and  many family members have returned home. I just want to remind you all that welcoming visitors also means providing medical care information to them in the unforeseen event of an accident or illness. Remember, we answer to 911 and will care for friends, family, and neighbors in the same way as we do for our 911-coverage area on a daily basis.  Please have medical history information at hand, as well as any medications and physician information. If the patient is a child under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian needs be able to consent for their medical treatment and or transport; if a parent may be reached by phone that will be taken as a verbal consent.  Another service that PPEMS provides is the loan of some limited medical equipment such as wheelchairs, crutches, loaner oxygen tanks, and an oxygen concentrator. These items may tide a person over until their medical supplier may provide other equipment.

I also want to touch on the topic of substance abuse and the relative dangers associated with it. Many of the concerns, for which residents move to Pecan Plantation to avoid, are indeed part of our community’s concerns…we are not immune to the availability of drugs and inherent addictions associated with them. Many families find themselves dealing with an adult loved one who has moved back home due to loss of job and marriage, or a current family member who is abusing drugs or alcohol. These issues are difficult, and many do not recognize the need to intervene with professional help because of the nearness to the situation. The first thing that may be a temptation to anyone who is abusing drugs are your prescription medications. Lock them up. Please be aware of your own limits in dealing with these issues, call upon your physician to help you make good choices for intervention. Remember, if you suspect that anyone is in danger of overdose from alcohol or drugs, call 911 immediately.

Please don’t hesitate to call 911; it is the best way to receive helps ASAP for anything from lift assistance on up to an emergency transport. We are here for you!

Remember to visit our Emergency Services’ website at pecanplantationfireandems.org.

Sandra Winfield, Chief PPEMS

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