December 2021 PPEMS Columns Article

Hello to you all,

I wish you all a Merry and Blessed Christmas in 2021.

Last year was a concerning year due to the COVID 19 pandemic and it has affected many in this year to follow. Our EMS crew has responded 24-7 to many calls. For the twelve months from November 1st 2020 through November 30th, 2021, we have responded to 898 total calls for service. These include an inordinate number of COVID 19 cases. During October, November, and December 2020 as well as January through March of 2021, we experienced a drastic increase in call numbers as high as 90 per month. Our Medical Director, Dr. Bruce Carpenter, has given us the latitude to be able to treat COVID 19 patients in their home without transporting if their condition is stable, thus minimizing ER contact with other COVID 19 cases or waiting for a bed in the overcrowded ER’s or in the hospitals. To be clear, we will transport anyone who requires it, and we will check on home treated patients for follow up and transport in following hours and at any time they may call 911 again.  I encourage EVERYONE to get the COVID 19 vaccination and the booster. It is your choice, but it is a miracle that we have such a treatment readily available for such a deadly illness.

As a reminder, we are giving quadrivalent flu shots (covering four types of flu) again this fall until we are out of them; they are still $20.00 each.

I thought it would interest you to know that our Pecan Fire and EMS crews held a joint EVOC (Emergency Vehicle Operations Course) on Saturday November 6th. It was a huge success and a chance to work together as a team! A few photos are included.

On another note, I want to address the PPVFD & EMS BOD, Inc. fall election which was held on November 13th. Only one director was elected due to the fulfillment of a third year’s tenure of a previously resigned director. The new director is Mark Wilson and we welcome him! This will complete our slate of directors who are; Ray Taylor, Dennis Fringeli, Terry Winborn, Randolph Stuart, Fire Chief: Jim Adams and EMS Chief: Sandra Winfield.

I would like to wish a very fond farewell from the PPVFD & EMS BOD to Bill Gerron, our retiring board director. He has served the PPVFD & EMS BOD during various tenures since 2003. His dedicated leadership, knowledge of Fire operations, related EMS needs and practices, and the importance of a strong, knowledgeable BOD has been stellar. He has encouraged the PPVFD & EMS Auxiliary and has assisted at fundraisers and open house gatherings. His heart is genuine; he is a great devil’s advocate when considering any request or need from the organization; this is key and allows the BOD as well as the emergency services to operate with the fullest potential to serve our residents. He cares genuinely for our crew members and for the growth of our organization in order to be the best we can be. His background in insurance and business has been invaluable. His friendship and dedication have been and will always be without measure. Thank you so much, Bill.

Sandra Winfield RN, NREMT


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