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Hello everyone,

We have responded to 51 requests for service in September and have had 20 calls to date as of October 15th. Our flu shots are here…come and get one until they run out; cost is 20.00.

We at PPVFD & EMS have been more than in touch with our members since the announcement last year that were requesting an increase of 10.00 more per month from each of you. We truly need this in order to maintain the costs of doing business as your emergency services here within Pecan Plantation.  Our three ambulances and our specialized equipment are required to be in roadworthy condition and cared for according to preventive maintenance schedules. Imagine if a patient care scenario was less than ideal due to equipment failure traced back to shoddy maintenance! We strive to NEVER have that happen here. However, these PM’s cost money, i.e., to service cardiac monitors, IV pumps, pneumatic cots, ventilators, and other equipment. The vehicles also must be maintained and repaired ASAP in order not to transport a patient or crew in an unsafe vehicle. Our ambulances are a fleet of three aging vehicles; each “box”, or patient compartment, has been remounted once onto a newer truck chassis. Therefore, any new vehicle will need to be completely new when purchased. Do not worry about the vehicles at this time, but the future is looming. And, costs are increasing as our emergency insurance and Medicare claims are reimbursed at a lessor rate than ever before. Regulations and common sense prevail at PPEMS as well as at PPVFD!

Other maintenance needs involve the buildings, air and heat conditioners, roofs, grounds, computers, safety cameras, emergency tower for dispatch and communication, and always, emergency gear and bunker gear for the VFD. Each set of bunker gear costs nearly 1,000.00 per fireman. When they are worn or torn, they must be replaced.  These are but a small example of our needs.

Lastly, we maintain our crew readiness as well. Our EMS Training Officer, George Gerdes, and I strive to keep our crew ready, up to date and trained. Dr. Carpenter, our Medical Director, expects nothing less.

We are indeed good stewards of your money and support. We thank you and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

We a special place in Pecan Plantation, with special residents. If you need help, we are here for you.


Sandra Winfield, RN, BS, NP, LP

Chief, PPEMS








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