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Hello everyone,

We have responded to 82 requests for service in December, 45 in January, and 47 to date as of February 7th.

First, we encourage each of you to come down and see our newest ambulance proudly built to order by Frazer Ambulance in Houston complete with a power loading cot from Stryker. It is very state-of-the-art! And, it saves our backs and increases the patient comfort like never before! We have two additional ambulances on order and should have them later this year. Our current vehicles will be traded in. One is a 2009 model with 156,400 miles on it. It required a “new” rebuilt diesel engine 31,000 miles ago. The other is a 2013 model with 131,500 miles. We are always happy to show off our vehicles, facilities, equipment, and crew. We are here because of you!

Secondly, I wish to congratulate our new PPVFD & EMS BOD member, Ray Taylor.  Bill Gerron has agreed to replace Roy Elliott who moved halfway through his term. Our PPVFD & EMS BOD members are; Jerold Parmer who has agreed to stay on one more year to complete the board, Ray Taylor, Kimberly Churchman, Tammy Eades, Chief Jim Adams of PPVFD, and Chief Sandra Winfield of PPEMS. Thank you to everyone for your dedication.

Thirdly, do remember…our 4 strength flu shots are still available…come and get one until they run out; cost is 20.00.

We truly thank the PPVFD & EMS Auxiliary for their efforts to support our needs to defray costs of non- budgeted items and equipment which occur during the year. They were able to raise over 20,000.00 for the PPVFD.

PPEMS in conjunction with Hill College is hosting our EMT-B (Basic Emergency Medical Technician) course at the Charlie Lee Memorial EMS Building every beginning in March every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 6:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. through May.  Many Hood County First Responders including some of our own Fire Department crewmembers have received their certifications through this wonderful program.

Christmas and New Years have both come and gone, and now we all need resolutions to become healthier. This Winter, we want everyone to keep in mind that guests, weather, and hectic schedules can add up to a frantic time filled with parties, long drives and last-minute rushes to the store, so please exercise safety and common sense. Out of town guests? Do they have their medications with them? Water or ice on the roads? Is the car road ready and the driver cautious? So many things can go well or awry, so remember to call 911 for any illness, accident, or medical needs resulting from home oxygen supplies going out, power outages causing home medical equipment operational emergencies, or for welfare checks on those you may not have heard from in a while which causes concern.

Lastly, I am sending out thanks for the answered prayers for those of you whose families have undergone personal crisis this last year. Some of you have had a family member who battled illness or a relative who may have passed away. We are always mindful that we are here to do our best and God is the healer.

We a special place in Pecan Plantation, with special residents. If you need help, we are here for you.


Sandra Winfield, RN, BS, NRP, LP

Chief, PPEMS







Non- Emergency #: 817-573-1643



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