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Hello everyone,

We have responded to 47 during January and 10 to date in February.

Our BIG NEWS is that we now have received our two additional Frazer Ambulance, state-of-the-art Pecan Plantation EMS MICU Ambulances. They are now in service and we have a complete fleet of identical vehicles. These ambulances have special air sanitation UV lamps, a separate generator to run heating and cooling in the box, and self-loading cots. The other ageing units were a trade in and left the same day. It has been a goal of ours to provide this excellent fleet for the use of our crews to better serve our 911 area, Pecan Planation. A donation made this possible, and we take pride in the excellent care of all of our advanced level units and equipment.

Please note the photo of one shift of our crew members:


  • We respond for a call to 911. It is always best to call rather than drive to the station-we may be out of the building and always respond to 911 radio calls.
  • We have a Texas State license and are fully licensed as Basic Life Support (BLS) to Mobil Intensive Care Unit MICU) as needed.
  • We are staffed 24-7-365.
  • A different crew reports for duty each 24 hours, schedule is an A-B-C schedule, one day on and two off

In order to have rested and available crew members.

  • We transport to any local or Fort Worth area hospital, and in some cases to Dallas, etc. The patient condition is a determinant.
  • Bruce Carpenter is our Medical Director; Sandra Winfield is EMS Chief, George Gerdes is Assistant EMS Chief, and Rene’ Garrett is Deputy Assistant Chief. General calls for information may be made to our office; 817-573-1643.
  • We bill your insurance, but we never send a Pecan Resident a balance bill for what insurance doesn’t cover.

For your information PPEMS in conjunction with Hill College is now hosting our EMT-B (Basic Emergency Technician) course every Tuesday and Thursday evening through May.

COVID-19 is still with us – please continue to take all precautions. We use complete Personal Protection Gear (PPE) for any call.

Thank you for your support always. We use your donations for administrative and facility upkeep, as well as salaries and non-budgeted items which arise as we maintain all of the emergency equipment- both EMS as well as Fire.

Website is on PPOA website link- or-

Call 911 for any emergency, We Are Here for YOU!

Sandra Winfield BS, RN, LP, NREMT



Non- Emergency #: 817-573-1643



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