Article in the May Columns from Sandra Winfield, EMS Chief

Hello everyone,

Total calls for care were    37 in March and 8 as article submitted today, April 7th, 2020.

Our Open House has been delayed, we’ll let you know when it is rescheduled.

Everyone is consumed by the unseen menace in the world…COVID 19. What is it and how are we affected? I know that all of you have been consumed by news, online and on television, radio, and from friend’s advice as well as family members. Our lives have been derailed from normal habits, workflow, routines, and feelings of normalcy. Try to understand it is a part of our lives and, in order to remain safe, we must go by the safest guidelines. Life will return to a new normal at some point. Don’t forget to seek comfort in your own ways from family, church, and friends. No one is untouched, therefore everyone really does understand. Again, be a comfort to someone else, and by doing so, you help yourself as well. Masks in public,hand washing, and social distancing are still paramount. Remember to “smile”with your voice and a twinkle in your eye!

Dialing 911 calls the assistance you need in an emergency….any emergency. It may be physical or psychological, but we will be there for you!

Quadrivalent   Flu shots are still available…call and come by, 817 573-1643.

God bless all of you, and know PPEMS AND PPVFD are here for YOU.





Non- Emergency #: 817-573-1643



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