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Article for Columns July 2018

Hello everyone; our call volume increased last month in May as we responded to 51 calls for emergencies. Many of these were cardiac, stroke, and falls. We also had to transport some of those to Fort Worth Level 1 Stroke or Cardiac centers for care by helicopter from our helipad on Pecan Airpark at the LZ (landing zone.) Next month I will review the membership details for Air Evac and CareFlite.

We have had many calls for people suffering TIA’s or Strokes. The American Stroke Association explains the urgent signs and symptoms you need to be aware of in order to call for help by dialing 911.  Stroke is a name for the condition in which a clot blocks blood flow to a certain area of the brain, or a hemorrhage occurs when a small blood vessel bursts. Both situations cause lack of blood flow and ultimately oxygen and blood glucose to neurons (brain cells) beyond the area involved. Time is critical to prevent loss of brain cells during a stroke. The signs to look for are:

1-Sudden numbness or weakness of face, arm or leg, especially on one side of the body

  • 2-Sudden confusion, trouble speaking, or understanding
  • 3-Sudden trouble seeing in one or both eyes
  • 4-Sudden trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination
  • 5-Sudden severe headache with no known cause-the “worst headache of your life”

Call 911 at the first sign of stroke, lie down and stay where you are; an ambulance crew will arrive in minutes. Always note the exact time of onset of symptoms, as this will determine the best route of care at the stroke center.

Phone us for non-emergency information at the station: 817-573-1643

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We thank you for supporting the Pecan Plantation VFD & EMS, your Emergency Services.  We are here for you

Remember to call 911 for any emergency…we are here for you!

Sandra Winfield






By Chief Jim Adams

Pecan Plantation Fire department responded to 15 calls for the month of April.

On June 2nd Pecan Fire Dept. held its annual open house, I would like to thank all the residents that came out to visit with us and meet with our members. We had a High Angle Rope Rescue demonstration set up as well as a hose line for kids to try out.

Several Door Prizes where given away as well, Congratulations to those winners!

Congratulations to Firefighter Juliana Eckley on passing her National Registry EMT test to become certified as an EMT-B!

I guess I never really introduced myself to the community as their new chief so here it goes, I was born and raised in South Central Pennsylvania, I joined the local volunteer dept. at the age of 16 as a junior firefighter. Before moving to Texas and Pecan I worked both full and part-time as an EMT. After moving to Texas I know work as a Steel Detailer in Benbrook.

Don’t forget to join us on July 4th for the annual parade!

I hope everyone has a safe summer!!




Non- Emergency #: 817-573-1643