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Pecan EMS responded to 82 requests for service in June, and 25 as of July 9th.

I would like to address child safety and injury prevention in this article. Our community is seeing a great increase in families with children and it’s a fun time to be in Pecan Plantation. Indeed, it is so wonderful, however, that the relaxed atmosphere of a golfing, swimming, flying, boating community can take adults off guard for childhood accidents. Little ones from infancy to toddlers are very vulnerable to falls associated with head injuries due to the larger size of the head in proportion to the body. Toddlers up to school aged children are prone to accidental ingestion of household chemicals, unlocked medications, small toys causing choking, and child endangerment by trusting a stranger. Teens are also prone to accidents due to the carefree nature of being a young adult who wishes to fit in with the crowd and perhaps can be tempted to try drugs. Adults are the important key for the safety of children. Protection from injury such as a simple seatbelt or a bike helmet can make the difference! Be good stewards of our children in Pecan Plantation and teach them never to take medications or food from any stranger. Don’t expect young children to think ahead because they are impulsive. Never allow children to sit unprotected on a golf cart, or to walk into the area where any vehicle can back up.  As cited by the American Association of Pediatrics,


Between 2007 and 2017, golf cart injuries were the reason for more than 56,000 emergency department visits by children. Common injuries included cuts, strained muscles, broken bones and traumatic brain injuries, including concussions. These injuries occurred when children fell out or jumped off, got hit by or were in the golf cart when it tipped over.


A resource for citizens concerning substance abuse in Hood County may be found online at:

This is a very stirring and crucial organization. Please check it out!

Pecan Plantation EMS is always a 911 call away. If an accident or ingestion or illness occurs regarding a child, please call 911 immediately. The dispatcher answering your call will get very important details for us while already sending out our tones to send an ambulance enroute.

Have a safe summer and enjoy your Pecan Plantation amenities…remember, call 911 for any emergency; we are here for you!

Sandra Winfield, RN, LP, NRP


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