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May Edition

Hello to Pecan Residents,

PPEMS responded to 55 requests for service in March and to 12 as of April 8th, 2018.

PPEMS and VFD continue to thank the members for their support.  We wouldn’t be here without you.

Spring is here along with allergies and breathing problems.  Patients with respiratory compromise should use medications from their physicians as prescribed, don’t borrow a relatives or friend’s medication or inhaler.  Some situations become worse if you breathe too quickly and have “hyperventilation” which causes dizziness and “air hunger”, or a panic attack.  If your breathing problem causes you to speak only a few words at a time, or you “can’t get enough air”, call 911.

Spring also brings out snakes and insects!  When outside doing yard work, wear boots!  Many folks have stepped on a snake or have been bitten by a spider when going barefoot or wearing sandals.  If you are an unlucky victim, call 911 and we will assess the situation and get you to the right facility for care.  Snakebites with envenomation are treated with Crofab, an antivenin medication.  Not all ER’s carry it, so EMS would call around to find the correct place for the patient.

If you have an emergency, please ALWAYS call 911 and we will come to you.  Radios transmit our calls and the nature of your illness or accident.  Don’t assume we are always AT THE STATION…we will respond to your location.

Enjoy the bluebonnets!

Remember to call 911 for any emergency…we are here for you!

Sandra Winfield





By Chief Jim Adams


As spring may finally be approaching many of our residents may be heading out on the lakes and rivers with their boats. This month I’d like to remind everyone to practice safe boating. Please remember to always have a life jacket for everyone in the boat including pets! Also a reminder that any persons between the ages of 13 and 24 are required to have a Boater Safety Course in order to operate a boat alone. Courses can be completed on line or by contacting Texas Parks and Wildlife or the local BRA office.

On Saturday members of the fire dept. met with Randy Johnson from BRA to review water rescue practices and emergency responses on the lake and river.

Pecan Fire Department responded to 27 emergency calls in March.





Non- Emergency #: 817-573-1643