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Hello everyone, wishing you all a Happy New Year as 2020 begins! Our PPEMS Crew of 23 personnel full time and part time are ready to continue to live up to our pledge…” We are here for you”!

We ended our 2019 year with a combined PPVFD & EMS, PPVFD, PPVFD & EMS BOD, and PPVFD & EMS Auxiliary Christmas Party. The attendance was outstanding, and it was an opportunity to thank everyone for their response, dedication to emergency service, and to thank God for His continuing presence in all that we are called to do. We responded to 752 calls for service last year. The PPVFD responded to some EMS calls as well and this adds to their fire tally.

The EMS recognition awards were given to:

  • Bret Carroll, LP, as Outstanding Paramedic for 2019
  • Julianna Eckley, EMT-B for Recognition as an Outstanding EMT-B
  • Justin Barrington, EMT-B for Recognition as an Outstanding EMT-B
  • George Gerdes, LP for Commitment to Scholastic Achievement
  • Rene’ Garrett, LP for Excellence in Service

I am so proud of our collective achievements and for the ongoing dedication we have to the people of Pecan Plantation.

Our ongoing goals to maintain our equipment including our newest state-of-the-art Frazer MICU Ambulance. We want to continue to remain Texas Department of State Health Services compliant, as we look forward to replacing our other two aging ambulances with matching units in our new red look. Our goal is to continue to improve our response as Pecan Plantation grows at an extraordinary rate.

Our fundraisers, the Auxiliary, and the residents who donate regularly to our services have made it possible for us to maintain our overhead and to pay for our salaried personnel to date. However, donations are never predictable, therefore we are supported by ALL members on a monthly basis; at this time your $20.00 per lot helps to guarantee that our organization (the PPVFD & EMS) has funds available to pay for our recurring monthly operating expenses such as payroll, utilities, expired medical supplies, ongoing upkeep and inspection of all vehicles, and other unforeseen expenses. Since beginning to receive the pass-through emergency services fees, our organization has been a good steward of the funds.

I want to also thank the PPVFD & EMS BOD for the approval to make our expenditures expenses, as we must do.

Call 911 for any emergency! We are here for you!

Sandra Winfield, RN, LP, NRP







Non- Emergency #: 817-573-1643



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